Shooting Range

Cost and General Information:

$12 per person, (Everyone going on the range must pay, shooting or not)

Our shooting facility is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and we DO NOT require a membership. 

Minors six and up are allowed to shoot with an adult. 

Shooting Range

Hours of Operation: 

Tues - Sun: 9:30am - 4pm (If you sign in before 4pm, you can shoot until 4:30pm on the weekdays and 5pm on the weekends)

Monday: CLOSED (except if Monday is a major holiday) 

Open all major holiday including Thanksgiving and Christmas, call for holiday hours

Shooting Range


Handgun and Shotgun Ranges: 15ft handgun and shotgun range.

Rifle Ranges: 50-100yrds rifle range and a 220yd range for long range shooters.  

**We supply stands free of charge.

**Paper targets, hearing/eye protection and ammo are available for purchase. 

Bringing a staple gun for the wooden stands is recommended

Full-Auto Firearms Rentals:

By appointment only and must be made at least a day or two in advance. 

Firearm options: H&K MP5 9mm, CZ Scorpion 9mm, M4 Rifle 5.56, M4 Pistol 5.56, Ak-47 7.62x39, Tippmann .22LR (rifle or pistol), FN FS2000 5.56 NATO

Prices for ALL full-auto's: $49 for 25rds, $99 for 50rds, $149 for 75rds, $199 for 100rds

Package Deals: 

Two firearms at least 75 rounds $275 / (100 rds each $375)

Three firearms (50 rds each $275) / (75 rds each $415) / (100 rds each $545)


Classes: We offer concealed carry and basic handgun courses!

See "Classes" tab for more information!