Shooting Range

Cost and General Information:

$12 per person, (Everyone going on the range must pay, shooting or not)

Our shooting facility is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and we DO NOT require a membership. 

Minors six and up are allowed to shoot with an adult. 

Shooting Range

Hours of Operation: 

Tues - Sun: 9:30am - 4pm (If you sign in before 4pm, you can shoot until 5pm)

Monday: CLOSED (except if Monday is a major holiday) 

Open all major holiday including Thanksgiving and Christmas, call for holiday hours

Shooting Range


Handgun and Shotgun Ranges: 15ft - 25ft handgun and shotgun range

Rifle Ranges: 50-100yrds rifle range and a 220yd range for long range shooters.  

Skeet/ Clay Throwers: Automatic thrower rentals for $15/hr 

**We supply stands and paper targets, hearing/eye protection are available for purchase** 

Bringing a staple gun for the wooden stands is recommended

We are currently not renting due to an ammo shortage. Please call before you arrive if you are interested in renting. You can reach us at (719) 683-2200

Full-Auto Firearms Rentals:

By appointment only and must be made at least a day or two in advance. 

Firearms available include: M-16, AR Pistol, Ak-47, Polish PPS43-C and PTR MP5

Prices for ALL full-auto's (includes firearm): Package deal: $100/100 rounds for any gun type

Or.. $49 for 20rds, $65 for 40rds, $79 for 60rds, $95 for 80rds, $109 for 100 rds. 


Classes: We offer youth safety, concealed carry and basic handgun courses. Advanced handgun is coming soon! 

See "Classes" tab for more information!