Shooting Range


Our shooting facility is open to the public and do not require a membership. 

We are open from 9:30am-4:00pm, Tuesday- Sunday, and CLOSED MONDAYS except on all major holidays. We are located at 1200 Dragonman Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80929.

All shooters must bring their own gun unless renting. Also, NO TRACER AMMUNITION or STEEL TARGETS allowed. 

Firearm Rentals: 

Semi-automic firearm rentals are now available for $25/per gun per hour. 

Firearms include: AR-15's, AK-47's, .22 handgun & rifle, FN-FNH 9mm, CZ P-09 40cal, S&W XD .45, S&W Victory .22, Chiappa 12ga. shotgun    

Must be over 21 and have a valid ID. 


We do rent full-auto firearms, however an appointment must be made. 

Prices start at $75 - $150 initial and ammo is purchased separate. 

Firearms available include: M-11, Mac 10, WWII Thompson, Israel Uzi, M-16, Ak-47, belt-fed FN 249, M-60, H&K MP5, 50 cal belt-fed machine gun. 

Ammo prices: 9mm $15/50rds, .45 $25/50rds, 7.62x39 $35/120rds, .556 $50/100rds, .223 $40/100rds, .308 $15/20rds, 50 cal $5/bullet  


There is a 15ft and 25 ft handgun and shotgun range and a 50-100yrds rifle range. 

For high-powered rifles and skeet shooting, we have a 220yd range. Shooters must shoot at 200-220yrds only

Range Fees:

$10.00 per person all day. 

Cash, Credit and debit cards, as well as checks are accepted. 

EVERYONE who goes down on the range must pay, shooting or not.

(Note- Minors are allowed to shoot on range with an adult, however, We DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE 8 years and UNDER!).

Classes: We offer youth safety, concealed carry and legal awareness courses. 

See "Courses" tab for more information.