Dual Spark Plugs

$80.00 Per Set

Dual spark plug set-ups take stock replacement spark plugs 14mm. They fit exactly between the push rod tubes. Easy to get at with a 13/16” plug socket.
your push rods do not have to come out to change the plugs. One extra coil will be needed. Works great on stock or high performance motors. Dual plugs will give your motor more power and burn your gas cleaner, leaving less carbon in your combustion chamber.

For 1966 and up Shovelheads - $80.00 per set
 (Sportster and Evolution heads - $80.00 a set

On Evolutions a 5/8’ plug Champion RC12YC is used.
On Shovels use Champion J12Y - cast Sportster heads H-10 plugs

**$40.00 extra for welding if you want to use, 3/4” reach plugs on your Shovelheads.

Dual Spark Plugs